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Our Owner is Jim Gentile.  He has over twenty years experience in live auctions, and over twelve years internet auction experience.  He will get you the best price for your item.


We take consignments from businesses, estates, and individuals. Because we are an online auction, we can accept business and large estate consignments, without moving the item, unless it is necessary. (Note: Individual consigners must bring their items in.)  Because our commission is based on the sales price of the item, we will always do our best to get the best price for your item.  A win-win situation.


Because we use the internet to conduct auctions, buyers can bid at our location, or from the convenience of their home or business.  Our auctions attract buyers from all across the country, improving your chance to get an excellent price for the items  you consign.


Welcome to the home of JAG Enterprise Auction and Estate Services.

We bring you the largest variety of auction items in the pacific northwest region. At any given auction you will be sure to find everything from business and estate consignments, antique black-powder guns, complete 1930's waterfall bedroom sets, computer hardware and software, brand-new furniture, and tools.

JAG Enterprise Auction Services has the experience and dedicated team that allows us to handle any business and estate consigments, of any size.

Typical Auction Items
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Typical auction items can be previewed in person, and are also available for preview any where in the country. Preview is from noon Saturday until the start of the auction at 5:00 pm.  Absentee bids can be placed in person. Online bidding only after auction starts. Remember, you can preview anytime by checking us out at PROXIBID.COM



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